Our Philosophy

Each student will be exposed to every aspect of the Academy’s instruction philosophy and will obtain knowledge and understanding of their own individual swing predispositions.

The Academy staff will also identify the particular strengths and weaknesses through a physical screening and assessment of the student prior to and during each program. The success of the Academy will be built around the quality of the programs and its ability to deliver a holistic approach to the game of golf.

Instruction Philosophy

Each student is treated as an individual and remains the center of their personalized improvement program. Instructors constantly encourage students to ask as many questions as they like. Understanding their personal swing predispositions and the means to make the necessary changes to achieve their desired results are the key to every session.

The instructional model is built around the four keys to a consistent golf swing:

1. Athletic set up – The majority of swing faults can be traced back a poor set up. An athletic set up consists of the grip, posture, ball position, aim and tension levels. The grip will affect clubface presentation at impact; posture affects body turn; ball position affects swing path; aim affects swing plane; tension levels affect sequencing.

2. On-plane swing – During the swing, the golf shaft should be pointing at or parallel to the target line at all times. This on-plane swing will produce consistently solid contact.

3. Impact – The one constant with all great players is the position they achieve at impact. This position is influenced by what has happened in the downswing and is a key position in establishing solid contact, distance and consistency.

4. Physical – Often it is impossible to make a change or improvement due to physical limitations of flexibility, muscle control or strength. An imbalance in any of these areas will influence the ability of the body to consistently move the club at the appropriate speed and on plane.

Instruction Based on Preparation & Progressive Learning

1. Preparation is "the Key" to Success – The majority of swing errors are the result of an incorrect pre-swing fundamental that includes grip, posture, ball position, aim, mindset and tension level. These pre-swing keys have a direct relationship with the in-swing motion. The grip controls the clubface and release through impact. Ball position controls the swing path. Posture controls the body's pivot. Aim controls the sequence during the swing. Mindset controls the ability to adjust. And the body's tension level controls the ability to swing the club without interference. Fortunately all of these fundamentals can be improved and adjusted before the swing even begins.

2. A Non-Method Approach – The Troon Golf Academy has one method of teaching the golf swing. Each student is an individual, and has differing abilities to learn and progress. The emphasis is on understanding the student and assisting with the learning of their ideal golf swing. To facilitate this learning, Troon Golf Academy establishes a perfect set-up position and then works to perfect a swing-shape that compliments the student's body type and time commitment for practicing the preferred swing.

3. Solid Contact – Manufacturers design clubs to swing on a pre-determined angle. During the entire swing, the club shaft should be either parallel to or pointing at the target-line to assure this proper angle at impact. Swinging the club on the correct angle or plane will guarantee solid contact and maximum consistency.

4. Distance – Distance is the effect of club head speed and solid contact. Club head speed is the result of wrist hinge, arm swing and body pivot. Golfers must utilize a blending of all three power sources to maximize distance. Instructors at the Academy work with each student to unlock their maximum power production.