Player Development

In conjunction with the PGA of America's Get Golf Ready program, Troon's Player Development Programs are designed to grow the game by introducing juniors and beginners to golf in a fun, affordable and educational way.

Troon facilities and Troon Golf Academies around the world host introductory clinics throughout the year, delivering a consistent experience at an affordable price. Students learn the game through introductory lessons that are more social in nature and provide on-going playing opportunities.


Katherine Roberts’ Yoga For Golfers® Powered by Troon Golf Academy

Katherine Roberts’ Yoga For Golfers® (YFG) is a proprietary, highly-effective golf performance training methodology developed specifically for golfers to increase power, distance, accuracy, and consistency. Applying biomechanics of the body through all phases of the golf swing, YFG increases the body’s efficiency, enabling golfers to play better, play stronger, and play longer with more confidence. 

In conjunction with Troon Golf Academy Professionals, Yoga For Golfers Peak-Performance Programs will be offered at select Troon Golf Academies throughout the year, delivering a game-transforming experience. Each YFG Peak-Performance Program is customized to address each student’s unique strengths and challenges, driving improvements in performance through all aspects of their game, from driving to putting, as well as increasing vitality and endurance for students of all ages and every level of ability – with no previous yoga experience needed. 

Yoga For Golfers Peak-Performance Programs include:

  • Dynamic warm-ups to prepare the body and mind for the explosive nature of the golf swing;
  • Efficient and effective core development sequencing to generate power and increase stamina during the round;
  • Integration of body symmetry, balance, and alignment to improve posture and focus at address and during putting;
  • Post-round sequencing to minimize lower body strain, reduce risk of injury, and extend the body’s ability to play;
  • Coordinated Troon Golf Academy Professional AND Certified YFG instruction in the first and last Program sessions for individual baseline assessment and follow-up; and
  • Progress tracking for each student through individual data capture during the first and last Program sessions.